Topf Victor Co. Ltd. was established in 1970 and it imports and markets sewing machines and equipment for the garment, footwear and leather industries spare parts, needles, scissors.
Topf Victor Ltd. represents exclusively in Israel the following companies:

  • BROTHER - sewing and automatic machines for the garment industry.
  • JACK - all kinds of sewing and cutting machines.
  • KANSAI - sewing machines for knitwear, aparat, elastic belts, jeans, etc.
  • KINGTEX - edge-finishing machines.
  • GROZ -BECKERT - German-produced needles.
  • CONSEW - sewing machines for heavy-duty projects, upholstery and leather.
  • KRETZER - FINNY scissors made in Germany.
  • PEGASUS - Recognised as the leading company for chainstitch machines.
  • Furthermore, we import "Solingen" scissors manufactured by (Germany).
Topf Victor Co. Ltd
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